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Suzanne Gulledge elected president of North Carolina Professors of Middle Level Education

Suzanne Gulledge, clinical professor of middle grades education, has been elected president of the North Carolina Professors of Middle Level Education (NCPOMLE). She is currently serving as president-elect and will become the organization’s president in March 2011.

As president-elect, Gulledge has led a collaboration with middle grades educators at North Carolina Central University and Duke University. Together they organized a symposium held in Chapel Hill and Durham last October with more than 50 faculty and students from 11 North Carolina universities participating. The symposium focused on service learning and partnerships. It provided an opportunity for North Carolina professors of middle level education to connect with their colleagues from across the state and with student members of the Collegiate Middle Level Associations.

“We all share the goal of preparing better teachers for the future while enhancing our work with the middle school populations of the present,” said Gulledge. “As an outcome of the symposium, new collaborations may emerge across universities as we continue working together toward that goal.”

When she assumes the office of president of NCPOMLE, Gulledge will preside at the annual meeting and represent the organization regionally and nationally. She will be a spokesperson and advocate for issues of concern regarding young adolescents.

“I am honored to serve an organization which has such a dedicated and focused membership,” said Gulledge. “The preparation of teachers with specialized training to meet the unique needs of young adolescent learners is the focus of NCPOMLE.  I aim to continue the traditions of collaboration, scholarship and service through which we advocate for middle level education.”

A former teacher at both the middle grades and high school levels, Gulledge joined the faculty of the School of Education in 1995, where she has directed the Middle Grades Teacher Education Program for the last 10 years. Her primary scholarly interests are social studies education, teacher preparation, teacher professional development and service learning and partnerships. She was named a 2009-2010 Faculty Engaged Scholar by UNC-Chapel Hill’s Carolina Center for Public Service. She has participated in state initiatives to revise the social studies curriculum in North Carolina and served on the North Carolina Middle Grades Task Force.

The North Carolina Association of Professors of Middle Level Education is affiliated with the National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education, which was established in 1997 as an affiliate of the National Middle School Association. The purposes of the National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education include providing a professional network to enhance the exchange of information and ideas, contributing to the development of an expanded middle-level research base and serving in an advocacy role for middle school education.