Faculty News

Fenwick English authors Anatomy of Professional Practice

Fenwick W. English, the R. Wendell Eaves Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, recently authored Anatomy of Professional Practice: Promising Research Perspectives on Educational Leadership. Published by Rowman & Littlefield Education, the work takes a fresh approach to professional practice in education by treating it as an art instead of a purely researched-based field.

The book is divided into three interdependent sections.  The first advocates a more compassionate attitude in education as a means to achieving social justice and moral judgment.  In the second section, English explores John Dewey’s assertion that education is an art rather than a science of behavior. He expands on that idea by discussing the nature of educational research, conceptualizing leadership practice as drama and probing the aesthetics and morals of leadership. The third section examines why an entirely scientific approach to education has inhibited expansion of scholarship and development in the educational field.  

 “Rare is the writer nowadays who can disentangle educational leadership from the numbing influences of standardization, business efficiency and ersatz science harnessed to social control.  Rarer still is the mind that can think anew amidst that tangle, offering a way forward for humane leaders capable of strengthening the bond between education and democracy,” says Thomas James, provost of Teachers College at Columbia University and former dean of the School.

English is also a co-author of 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap to be released by Corwin Press this fall.

Currently, English teaches in the Educational Leadership Program at the master’s and doctoral level.  He is past president of the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) and currently serves on its Executive Committee.