Faculty News

Kathleen Brown publishes new book on leadership

Kathleen M. Brown, associate professor and chair of Educational Leadership, recently published a book titled Preparing Future Leaders for Social Justice, Equity, and Excellence. The book is the second volume in Christopher-Gordon’s School Leadership Series.  Published by Christopher-Gordon Publishers, this ongoing series aims to provide educators with the latest research and information in school leadership.

The book promotes awareness of inequalities that prevent children and adults from reaching their leadership potential. By using current leadership theories, Brown provides educators with detailed activities to use with faculty, staff and parents to offer solutions for handling current social issues plaguing today’s school systems.  Themes of these activities include using the power of conversation in the classroom to confront racism and overcome false assumptions.  According to Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Brown carefully examines social justice and equity in school leadership with the goal of reforming social inequities.  

“This book is strong in theory and it is grounded in prescriptions toward the preparation of more transformative, effective educational leaders.  The book has the potential for fulfilling a void in the literature by providing sound approaches to pedagogical techniques and strategies that can be used in the classroom,” says Philip T.K. Daniel of The Ohio State University.

Brown also is co-author of a new work called Creating Organizationally Healthy and Effective Middle Schools.  This work will be available later this fall and is published by National Middle School Association.

Brown’s 15 years of teaching and administrative experience include having served as a middle school teacher and an elementary and middle school principal.  She has recently been published in Educational Administration Quarterly, Journal of Educational Administration, Journal of School Leadership and Equity & Excellence in Education.