Faculty News

Audrey Heining-Boynton joins Spanish language commission, will lead Chinese delegation

Audrey Heining-Boynton, professor of foreign language education and English as a second language, has been appointed to the Spanish Language Commission on Best Practices, jointly run and operated by The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program and the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC). The goal of the commission is to identify best practice college courses that will then inform the redesign of Spanish language AP courses and exams.

In addition, Heining-Boynton will head to Beijing this October to serve as delegation leader during the Teaching of World Languages Delegation to the People’s Republic of China. This program encourages bilateral exchanges between American professionals specializing in foreign language education and their professional counterparts in China.  Organized by People to People Ambassador Programs, the delegation takes place Oct. 14-26, 2007.

EPIC is a not-for-profit organization based at the University of Oregon and a partner of The Center for Educational Policy Research (CEPR). CEPR works with federal agencies, state education departments, non-governmental organizations, private foundations and school districts to support research on a wide range of issues designed to improve student success.

Founded in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, People to People Ambassador Programs provide foreign educational travel experiences for professionals. Through meetings, seminars and cultural activities, participants connect with people in similar professions overseas.  According to its Web site, People to People Ambassador Programs join common interests in uncommon places through journeys that enrich the world, one person at a time.