Faculty News

Gregory Cizek receives Significant Contribution Award from AERA

Gregory Cizek, professor of educational measurement and evaluation, was presented with the award for Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology at the 2006 American Educational Research Association (AERA) meeting in San Francisco, Calif.

The award was given by Division D – Measurement and Research Methodology – of the AERA in recognition of Cizek’s work as guest editor of a special issue of Applied Measurement in Education (Vol. 18, No. 1, 2005).

According to its description, “This award recognizes published research that represents a significant advancement in theory and practice of educational measurement and/or educational research methodology.”

In addition to a plaque, Cizek also received $1,000, which he and the other authors of the special issue have donated to measurement collections of university libraries damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Cizek joined the faculty of the School of Education in 1999. He teaches courses in applied psychometrics, statistics and research methods. In 2005, he was elected secretary of the American Educational Research Association, Division D. He currently co-chairs the Joint Committee on Testing Practices, an organization of several national professional associations dedicated to improving the use of tests in assessment and appraisal.