Brown Bag Lunch

October 13, 2010

Billye Rhodes (School of Education, CCC) completed a 10-week fellowship with Education Pioneers this past summer.  EP presents a unique opportunity to engage a cohort of grad students and recent grads in the fields of Policy, Ed Leadership, Social Work, Business, Law, IT, and community organizing - all connected to the goal of education reform.  Founded by Scott Morgan, this organization has experienced tremendous growth - creating a network of over 900 alumni in seven years!  In 2010, the seven cohorts (DC, Bay Area, Houston, LA, NY, Chicago, Boston) collectively supported more than 130 key education organizations throughout the United States.  This selective fellowship (294 Fellows were selected from a very competitive pool of nearly 2,500 applicants [and three were from the School of Education!]) is an AMAZING opportunity that everyone should have access to. 

Join Billye as she discusses her summer project (developing a Parent University for Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School) and the opportunity to work directly with Chicago Area Officers, principals, parents and community service partners on issues ranging from the Opportunity Gap to Human Capital.

Speaker: Billye Rhodes
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Place: Bottom Level Multipurpose Room in Peabody
Bring: Yourself and a friend!