Computing MATTERS: An Introduction to Shodor and Computational Thinking

October 6, 2010

Shodor, a non-profit research and education organization in Durham, NC, is a true national resource in computational science education. Shodor combines hands-on and computer-mediated student experiences, teacher and faculty professional enhancement, and the development of dynamic, web-accessible curriculum linked to standards to promote learning in and beyond the classroom from elementary through graduate school. The coordinated efforts are organized as Computing MATTERS. MATTERS is itself an acronym (of course!): Mentoring Academic Transitions Through Research, Experience, and Service.

Computing Matters because authentic use of technology in science, math and the humanities demand that we move Beyond Powerpointlessness.
Computing Matters because quantitative reasoning, analogic thinking, and interdisciplinary, multi-scale models are the heart and soul of 21st century science, and should be the heart and soul of the preparing-for-life experiences for all.  Computing matters because interactive modeling and simulation are powerful tools enabling all to experience the excitement of discovery, the power of inquiry and the joy of learning.

This talk will serve both to introduce Shodor and its Computational Science Education Reference Desk, a Pathway portal of the National Science Digital Library, as well as to renew a discussion of broader partnership opportunities between Shodor and the University of North Carolina.

Speaker: Bob Panoff
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Place: 206 Peabody Hall