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Class led by Katie Gulledge (A.B.Ed. '06) learns value of tap water

Katie Gulledge’s sixth-graders learned the value of tap water, by walking a half mile to a muddy pond.

Gulledge, who majored in middle grades education at Carolina, had her students at Carrboro’s McDougle Middle School walk to a nearby park in recognition of World Water Day, an event held by the United Nations to highlight water issues around the world. The activity was profiled in the March 23 edition of The Daily Tar Heel.

The half-mile distance was trivial compared to the eight hours many Sudanese children spend walking to get water each day, said Gulledge, a social studies teacher and daughter of Suzanne Gulledge, clinical professor of middle grades education at UNC’s School of Education.

The students have spent the year exploring the plight of clean water access in Sudan and dedicated the week of March 21 for a school-wide global education project called “Learning Without Borders,” the DTH reported.

The school is raising money for the nonprofit organization Water for Sudan to build a well in a Sudanese village.

Gulledge’s students also read the book “A Long Walk to Water,” a fictionalized account of the story of Sudanese civil war refugee Salva Dut.

“The story was really sad but really sort of amazing,” student Juliet Coen told the DTH. “It really sort of snapped reality into focus.”

The Daily Tar Heel story is available on their website.