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Fred Mueller (A.B.Ed. '61, M.Ed. '64, Ph.D. '70) appears on 'The State of Things'

Photo of Fred Mueller

Fred Mueller

Fred Mueller, director of the National Center for Catastrophic Injury Research at UNC-Chapel Hill, appeared on WUNC-FM’s “The State of Things” talk show on Dec. 13 to discuss his research regarding sports-related injuries.

Mueller talked about trends in sports-related injuries, based on research conducted by Mueller and his colleagues at the NCCIR.

Mueller also talked about his new book, co-authored by Robert C. Cantu, medical director at the NCCIR: “Football Fatalities and Catastrophic Injuries, 1931-2008.” The book examines the history of football injuries and analyzes important circumstances in football relating to fatalities and catastrophic injuries. The book includes description of the history of brain and spinal injuries, as well as heart-related and heat stroke fatalities and how their detection and treatment has changed during the past 75 years. More details about the book are available here.