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Meredith Wolfe (A.B.Ed. ’09) named Beginning Teacher of the Year by Asheboro City Schools

Photo of Meredith Wolfe

Meredith Wolfe

Meredith Wolfe, who completed her baccalaureate degree in elementary education a year ago, was selected as the recipient of this year’s Apple of Excellence Award by Asheboro City Schools. The award is given annually to recognize a first-year teacher for outstanding performance. Wolfe is currently a fifth-grade teacher at Donna Lee Loflin Elementary in Asheboro.

Classroom teachers in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 who are in their first year of teaching are eligible for the award. They must be nominated by a principal and should demonstrate performance that exceeds the standards set by the Asheboro City Schools. The award is presented to one first-year teacher each spring during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Wolfe was nominated by her principal Candace Call who described her as “someone who set a lofty goal not to appear as a first-year teacher.” Others described her as a “visionary” and a teacher who “sparkles like a diamond.”

In the classroom, Wolfe implements kinesthetic and hands-on activities in to engage her fifth-grade students in the learning process. Whenever possible, she uses cooperative learning activities to encourage students to share their thoughts and learn from the perspectives of others. She also makes it a priority to discover each of her students’ learning styles by forming a personal connection with each child. She has worked to differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of all her students.

“Students should always be challenged, but what is challenging for one student may not be challenging for another,” said Wolfe. “I provide my students with the choice to try problems that are more difficult, while still providing problems that are on grade level if they choose to do those instead.”

After being nominated in March, Wolfe had one month to complete an information packet in which she answered three essay questions. The questions focused on instructional skills, communication skills and interaction with students. She was notified a week after submitting the information that she had been selected for the Apple of Excellence Award.

“I am extremely honored to have won the Apple of Excellence,” said Wolfe. “There were many deserving first-year teachers who were nominated. This award shows me that the hard work, dedication and determination that I put in to this year were recognized by others.”