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School of Education presents annual alumni awards

Distinguished Leadership Award
Musette Sprunt Morgan

Anyone who knows Musette Sprunt Morgan knows she is a tireless and tenacious promoter of excellence in education. In the years since she graduated from Carolina with a Bachelor Arts in education, she has been a strong advocate on behalf of parents, students, and the School of Education – even if that meant buttonholing a governor or a university president. She truly is a woman driven by a passion for teaching and learning.

Musette has been inspired by the legacy of her great-grandfather, James Yadkin Joyner. He entered Carolina in 1878 at the age of 16 and went on to work at virtually every level in public education, eventually becoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1902.

In his name, Musette and her husband, Allen, established the James Yadkin Joyner Fund in Education Policy in the School of Education. Income from the fund goes to support a graduate student who conducts research that can be shared with state leaders and that has the potential to directly affect schooling in North Carolina.  In addition, the Morgan’s have given a significant gift to advance education policy at the School of Education. 

After leaving Carolina, Musette continued her education at Memphis State University, completing her Master of Arts in education in 1978. Sixteen years later, she received her Doctor of Education degree as well, again from Memphis State, where she also served as a clinical instructor.

Musette served as a member of the Tennessee State Board of Education where she chaired the Parent Involvement Initiative and the Committee on School Violence.  She has also been a member and Vice President of the UNC School of Education Foundation Board and serves as
a member of the Carolina Women’s Leadership Council.

When it comes to her support for the School, we couldn’t ask for a better friend or advocate. She has challenged and motivated the leadership of the University and encouraged others to invest time, energy, and resources. She is well-known for her enduring confidence and optimism about the future of our School, and she is never too busy to provide a friendly ear, a word of encouragement, or a spark of vision.

For her tireless activism and constant support, her generosity of spirit, her courage in the face of challenge and opposition, and her undying efforts to improve the School of Education and secure its reputation as an institution of the highest quality and broadest influence, we honor Musette Sprunt Morgan today with the Distinguished Leadership Award.