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Alumni Achievement Award Citation

Maureen Moczek Hartford

Throughout her remarkable 30-year involvement in higher education, Maureen Hartford has educated, inspired and mentored generations of our nation’s young scholars. Her extraordinary energy and determined leadership have helped to further the goals of higher education and to improve the lives of many. 

Since receiving her master of arts degree in college teaching from the School of Education in 1972, Maureen has exhibited excellence in higher education. She has held positions in Arkansas, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington State, and returned to her native North Carolina in 1999 to lead Meredith College, the largest private women’s college in the Southeast.

Serving as Meredith’s first female president, Maureen is a powerful role model for female students and professionals. She is known as an educator who cares.

Maureen courageously pursues student development. She is well known for her passion for educating women of all ages about their responsibility to become engaged global citizens. She mentored the University of Michigan’s first female Rhodes scholar. She volunteers as a reading tutor for elementary school children. She leads Meredith’s presidential scholars on educational trips within the United States and abroad. Maureen never misses an opportunity to introduce others to new ideas and support them in the learning process.

As a leader, Maureen values and cultivates diverse perspectives, and she places great trust in those who work for her. This approach makes employees and volunteers feel valued and inspired to do their best. She’s also a visionary. Knowing that our country needs more people well-schooled in science and math – and that those fields would benefit from having more women in them – she is committed to doing her part. During her tenure, Meredith College has invested $20 million in a new science and mathematics facility as a visible symbol of the college’s commitment to preparing more women for success.

For her accomplishments and her resolute dedication to furthering higher education and advancement for young women, we are proud to present the Alumni Achievement Award to Maureen Hartford.

September 27, 2008