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UNC School of Education honors five outstanding educators

Distinguished Leadership Award Citation

Barbara Holland Chapman

Barbara Chapman is a shining example of servant leadership. During her 35 years in the field of education, she has made many important contributions to the State of North Carolina. A tireless and dedicated promoter of better education, Barb is an individual who proudly lives her core values of fairness and education for all.

Barb is known for her unselfishness and her willingness to do the extraordinary for children, teachers, parents, her community, and any friend in need. Educated in California before receiving her doctorate from Carolina in 1981, Barb has become one of the state’s most ardent education advocates.

Over the course of her career, she has played an integral role in developing the State’s Standard Course of Study, provided exemplary leadership as a principal, and served as a model teacher at the college level. She also provides extraordinary support and guidance as a tremendous volunteer for the School of Education and its Alumni Council, as well as being a dedicated member of the Orange County Human Relations Commission, which she once chaired.

Never straying too far from students, Barb has coordinated the Commission’s student essay contest for several years. Through this work, she shares her values of and unflagging commitment to human rights, equity and fairness with students and adults throughout Orange County.

Barb is best known as an educator who puts kids first. Though she retired as principal of Orange County’s New Hope Elementary, she continues to work steadfastly to improve the achievement of children in our state’s lowest-performing schools, and has been known to stand up to parents, administrators, teachers and the community at large to ensure that we “do the right thing” for our kids.

As one colleague noted, “There just aren't enough rocks in this world like Barb. She stands alone.”

It is with great respect and gratitude that we honor Barbara Chapman with the Distinguished Leadership Award for all she has done and continues to do for education in North Carolina.

September 27, 2008