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Jan Schuettpelz (M.Ed. '04) : National Science Teachers Association Award

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the world’s largest organization of science teachers, recently announced Jan Schuettpelz as its recipient of the Delta Education/CPO Science Award for Excellence in Inquiry-based Science Teaching.  The award is given to only one science teacher from each level – elementary, middle and high school – in the nation.   

Schuettpelz, a seventh-grade science teacher at Durham School of the Arts, was honored for her outstanding achievement and innovative programs in science education.  Her unique tri-fold program emphasizes classroom engagement, extracurricular activities and professional development. 

Schuettpelz’s student “scientists” engage in challenging, inquiry-based activities, such as designing, building and testing model arms to try to determine why chimpanzees can lift three times as much weight as humans with only one-third of humans’ muscle mass. 

Schuettpelz has taught at Durham School of the Arts for five years.  She received her award at the 54th annual NSTA National Conference held in Anaheim, Calif. April 6-9.