Alumni News

Clay White (A.B.Ed. ’75) receives Autism Society of America Award

In recognition of his work with children and teenagers with autism, Clay White received the Autism Society of America’s 2005 Wendy F. Miller National Recognition Award.

White operates four different therapeutic programs in the Atlanta area, employing more than two dozen therapists and assistants.  The programs’ participants, who include children and teens with autism and other severe learning disabilities, experience unique therapy in non-traditional settings.

White’s programs, which are activity-based and sensory-driven, serve as supplements to the occupational and physical therapy these special-needs children already receive.

Children in White’s Outdoor Sensory Adventures program might visit a national park to explore the inhabitants of a cold, muddy creek.

Members of his PEOTSI program ─ an adaptive Physical Education program for children receiving Occupational Therapy due to mild Sensory Integration dysfunction ─ learn how to play popular team sports on the field and in the gym.

The Social Club program and the Super Saturdays summer program are other ways that White combines occupational therapy with real-world experiences, giving atypical teenagers an opportunity to experience the typical teenage life.