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The Master of Arts in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MEITE) is a 12-month, full-time Master's program, offered in collaboration with Kenan-Flagler Business School, the School of Information and Library Science and the Department of Computer Science.

Students will learn how to design and build the learning environments of the future, and develop new educational technologies, new curricula and new organizational forms that align with the potential of these new technologies.

Diversified Studies

Program and course work can be customized to each student’s interest (within the three strands of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship). While the program is housed in the School of Education, students will also take courses in the Kenan-Flagler Business School, the School of Information and Library Science, and the Department of Computer Science.

Real-World Experience

MEITE is a professional degree and an internship with an innovative educational organization is a central part of the program. Students will extend their academic experiences into the community in order to understand the challenge of kick-starting innovation in the real-world.

Expert Support

Carolina's School of Education stands at the front of this education revolution. Our faculty includes national and international leaders in the fields that are developing these new understandings and knowledge - the learning sciences, early childhood development, school improvement, education policy, and cultural studies, among others.

Program Details

MEITE is a professional degree. Graduates will leave prepared to take leadership positions in the private and public sectors. While the program is housed in the School of Education, students will also take courses in the Kenan-Flagler Business School, the School of Information and Library Science, and the Department of Computer Science.

Program Characteristics

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The 36 credit program at UNC-Chapel Hill takes 12 months to complete. Students begin the program in August and finish in July of the following summer.

During the regular academic year, each semester includes 12 credit hours of coursework (four courses) and 3 credit hours of internship, which are earned by spending eight hours a week (one day) throughout the entire semester. The program concludes with two summer sessions (another "semester" of coursework) in the following summer.

Every cohort takes the required course of study sequence together. During the academic year, students are at their internship site for one day a week and take classes during the other four days of the week.

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The MEITE program enrolls students according to the cohort model, which means all students begin, progress through, and finish the program at the same time. This model encourages shared perspectives and experiences as each class of students learns and grows together. This is particularly valuable given the varied backgrounds of the students.

Every cohort takes the required course of study sequence together.

We enroll approximately 40 students each year.

The program of studies includes:

  • Twenty-four (24) credits in content courses
  • Six (6) credits for Fall and Spring internship
  • Six (6) credits of MA thesis project in Summer I and Summer II

The required content courses are the Integrative Seminar, Fall and Spring (6 credits total), and the internship in Fall and Spring (6 credits total). Six elective courses are required--18 credits of the total required of 36. The six electives will be chosen by each student in consultation with their program adviser.

The six electives are to be chosen from three course categories:

  • Learning sciences
  • Technology development and management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

The typical student is likely to take two courses in each of the three categories. However, some students may enter the program with substantial experience in one of the program themes, and these students may only need one course in that category. Students, in consultation with their advisor, will determine how to distribute their six electives among the three categories.

Before classes start in Fall of the program, students are asked to submit an internship request form that specifies their preference for an internship site. We will provide a list of approximately sixty Research Triangle organizations that have already agreed to host interns, and you can also contact and propose another organization if you prefer.

The pre-approved internship sites are no more than 30 miles from the UNC-CH campus, and students need to be able to provide their own transportation to these sites.

Students spend one day per week at their internship for the entire academic year (Fall and Spring).

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After completing 30 credits in Fall and Spring, students will enroll in Summer I and Summer II for six credits of EDUC 992, the independent project that is the thesis substitute. The two summer sessions will allow an intensive studio design cycle experience, based on the innovation and design processes the students learn during their Fall and Spring coursework. In these two summer sessions, the students will apply what they have learned to a real innovative educational venture, of their own design.

The independent study project will be an educational innovation, grounded in learning sciences research. Many of the projects are likely to involve technology—such as a web-based learning application or a tablet learning game. Many of the projects will emerge from the internship experience.

In addition to presenting the independent study project, students are required to prepare a web-based portfolio—a web site that brings together all student work in all courses taken in the program, with visual and text representations of their internship site and internship experience, and their thesis project. The web-based portfolio will serve to demonstrate the graduate’s professional competence, and will be accessible to employers to evaluate the strength and skills of graduates. The student's faculty advisor will review and critique each student’s independent study project and their portfolio.

How to Apply

Applications for the MEITE program are currently closed.

Applications will open in Fall 2017 and will be due Tuesday, February 13, 2008.

Admissions Requirements

  • Online application
  • $87.50 Application fee (non refundable)
  • A Bachelor's Degree(based on a four-year curriculum) completed before graduate study begins or its international equivalent with an accredited institution
  • an grade of B (cumulative GPA 3.0) or better
  • Unofficial Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
    Please do not mail paper transcripts as part of your admission application; we only accept unofficial uploads for application evaluation. If you are offered admission, one official transcript for each university attended will be required prior to the first day of the term. Instructions for how to submit official transcripts will be included in the admission offer letter.
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation (3)
    Recommenders must be people who know you well academically, professionally, and/or personally. At least one of the three letters should be from someone qualified to assess a candidate’s academic ability.
  • Statement of purpose (500 words)
    Explain your interest in the MEITE program, and how it aligns with your personal and professional goals
  • GRE Score-general or GMAT (score within last 5 years)
    UNC GRE Code: #5816
    GMAT Code: D40-HL-34
  • TOEFL or IELTS score (no more than two years old)

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