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Master Teacher Division
Bailey, Hannah Albemarle County Schools
Campbell, Tamie Madison County Public Schools
Conley, Jennifer Orange County Public Schools
Curtis, Jeanette Greene County Schools
Daisley, William Prescott Greene County Schools
Daly, Jim Charlottesville City Schools
Dent, Rob Albemarle County Schools
Dojack, Andrew Greene County Schools
Dooley, Emily Albemarle County Schools
Driver, David Charlottesville City Schools
Esposito, Christine Charlottesville City Schools
Gilmour, Caroline United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Goodin, Teresa Albemarle County Schools
Gridley, Jennifer United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Grove, Karen Charlottesville City Schools
Haddix, Julie Greene County Schools
Hale, Amy Albemarle County Schools
Hammer, Stephanie Greene County Schools
Harding, Diane Albemarle County Schools
Harper, Scott United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Haskins, Katie Charlottesville City Schools
Hobson, John Albemarle County Schools
Hobson, Vicki Albemarle County Schools
Holder, Judy Greene County Schools
Honaker, Scott Madison County Public Schools
Howarth, Steven United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Hunter, Katie United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Johnston, Mary Charlottesville City Schools
Kluender, Courtney Orange County Public Schools
Larson, Melisa Albemarle County Schools
Lohr, Lisa Orange County Public Schools
Mace, Scott Charlottesville City Schools
Marshall, Ian United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
McCullen, Nancy Albemarle County Schools
McLaughlin, Sandra Albemarle County Schools
Mohrmann, Sharon Orange County Public Schools
Morris, Jared Madison County Public Schools
Mthethwa, Dingani Albemarle County Schools
Mulcahy, Elizabeth Albemarle County Schools
Murphy, Sarah United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Muse, Teresa Orange County Public Schools
Nicholson, Libby Albemarle County Schools
Niestrath, Laurie Greene County Schools
Orr, Jennifer Greene County Schools
Paeschke, Charity Orange County Public Schools
Pittman, Katie Albemarle County Schools
Plank, Mary Charlottesville City Schools
Podrebarac, Barbara Albemarle County Schools
Przyuski, Trevor Albemarle County Schools
Riso, Peggy Albemarle County Schools
Roache, Margi Charlottesville City Schools
Roberts, Stephen John United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Rodgers, Virginia Orange County Public Schools
Schaffer, Will Charlottesville City Schools
Senn, Jessamy Charlottesville City Schools
Shifflett, Donna Greene County Schools
Shrader, Nikki Charlottesville City Schools
Shuman, Kristin Orange County Public Schools
Spradlin, Charles Charlottesville City Schools
Steele, Lindsey Albemarle County Schools
Stevens, Amanda Orange County Public Schools
Sullivan, Gena Orange County Public Schools
Techman, Melissa Albemarle County Schools
Thompson, Courtney Greene County Schools
Waldron, Christine Madison County Public Schools
Wallace, Hannah United Kingdom Teacher Scholar
Webb, Sharon Albemarle County Schools
Winters, Lauren United Kingdom Teacher Scholar