The Long Arm of Slavery

Module 4: Resources, Opportunity, and Enterprise - America and the Transatlantic World

  • 5,6
  • United States History to 1877
  • Virginia and United States History
  • Standard 2: Historical Comprehension
  • Standard 4: Historical Research Capabilities
  • Virginia SOL USI.1
  • Virginia SOL USI.5
  • Esposito, Christine
  • Albemarle County Schools


COMPLETE KIT - Long Arm of Slavery Kit
Lesson 1 - Agricultural vs Industrial PowerPoint
Lesson 1 - Long Arm of Slavery PPT PowerPoint
Lesson 1 Plan - Long Arm of Slavery with Resources Lesson Plan
Lesson 2 - Abolition PPT PowerPoint
Lesson 2 Plan - Abolition of Slave Trade with Resources Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 - Dependence PPT PowerPoint
Lesson 3 PDF2 Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 PDF3 Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 PDF4 Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 PDF5 Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 PDF6 Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 PDF7 Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 Plan PDF1 Lesson Plan
Long Arm of Slavery Contextual Essay Historical Essay
Long Arm of Slavery Lesson Overview Teacher Guide