The Pathway from Property to Person

Module 4: Resources, Opportunity, and Enterprise - America and the Transatlantic World

  • 6,8,High School
  • United States History to 1877
  • Civics and Economics
  • World History and Geography: 1500 A.D. to the Present
  • World Geography
  • Virginia and United States History
  • Campbell, Tamie
  • Madison County Public Schools


COMPLETE KIT - Pathway from Property to Person Kit
COMPLETE KIT - Pathway from Property to Person Kit
13th Amendment Document
Abolition of the Slave Trade Parliament Document
Amistad Document
Arrival of First Africans to Jamestown Document
Barbados Slave Uprising Document
Compromise of 1850 and Fugitive Slave Act Document
Day 1 Lesson Plan - The Legalization of Slavery in America Lesson Plan
Day 2 Lesson Plan - American Slavery- An Interactive Map Lesson Plan
Emancipation Proclamation Document
Event Information Chart Worksheet
Event Information Chart Key Answer Key
Hening Document
History Frame Worksheet
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image1 Image
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image13 Image
image14 Image
image15 Image
image16 Image
image17 Image
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image3 Image
image4 Image
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image6 Image
image7 Image
image8 Image
image9 Image
Information for Fernando and Elizabeth Key Document
INTERACTIVE PPT Directions Student Activity
John Punch - Virginia Recognizes Slavery Document
Pathway Classroom Instruction Teacher Guide
Pathway Contextual Essay Historical Essay
PBS - Emancipation Proclamation Document
Portfolio Rubric Answer Key
Power Point - Finished Product PowerPoint
Power Point Template PowerPoint
Power Point template copy PowerPoint
Slave Conspiracies in Colonial Virginia Document
Slave Resistance - Barbados 1675 Document
The Rebellion of Bacon Document
The Story of the Slave Ship Zong Document
William Wilberforce's 1789 Abolition Speech Document
Zong - information on illustrations Teacher Guide