What Does a Slave Rebellion Look Like?

Module 4: Resources, Opportunity, and Enterprise - America and the Transatlantic World

  • 6,7,High School
  • United States History to 1877
  • World History and Geography: 1500 A.D. to the Present
  • World Geography
  • Virginia and United States History
  • Marshall, Ian
  • United Kingdom Teacher Scholar


COMPLETE KIT - What Does a Slave Rebellion Look Like? Kit
Lesson 1 PPT 1 What is a slave PowerPoint
Lesson 1 PPT 2 Resistance to slavery PowerPoint
Lesson 1 PPT 3 Worries of slave owners PowerPoint
Lesson 2 Barbados 1816 Narrative sheet Student Activity
Lesson 2 Bussa flag Student Activity
Lesson 2 PPT 1 What were slave owners worried about PowerPoint
Lesson 2 PPT 2 Barbados 1816 PowerPoint
Lesson 3 Blue Plaque Student Activity
Lesson 3 Designing a statue Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 letter to the book editor Lesson Plan
Lesson 3 PPT 1 What I know so far PowerPoint
Lesson 3 World Turned Round PowerPoint
Slave Rebellion Lesson Plans Lesson Plan
Slave Rebellion Teacher Notes Teacher Guide