Honest Abe

Module 5: Nation in Conflict - America During the Age of Lincoln

  • 3
  • Kindergarten - Grade Three: Introduction to History and Social Science
  • Standard 2: Historical Comprehension
  • Standard 3: Historical Analysis and Interpretation
  • Virginia SOL 3.11
  • Curtis, Jeanette
  • Greene County Schools


COMPLETE KIT - Honest Abe Kit
Exit Slip for Lesson 1 Student Activity
Exit Slip for Lesson 2 Student Activity
Four Statements by President Lincoln PowerPoint
Honest Abe Classroom Practice Teacher Guide
Honest Abe Contextual Essay Historical Essay
Honest Abe Lesson Matrix Teacher Guide
Honest Abe Lesson Plan Lesson Plan
Honest Abe Ribbon Document
Honest Abe Timeline for Classroom Document
Readers Theater 1 The Borrowed Book Student Activity
Readers Theater 2 New Salem Student Activity
Readers Theater 3 Lincoln the Lawyer Student Activity
Set 1 Documents for Borrowed Book - Indiana Document
Set 2 Documents for New Salem Document
Set 3 Documents for Lincoln the Lawyer Document
Set 4 Documents for President Lincoln Document
Worksheet 1 - Using Primary Sources Graphic Organizer Worksheet
Worksheet 2 - Our Group of Experts Will Now Share Worksheet
Worksheet 3 - Honest Abe Certificate Worksheet
Worksheet 4 - Four Statements by President Lincoln Worksheet
Worksheet 5 - Honest Abe Essay Assessment Worksheet
Worksheet 6 - Honest Abe Rubric Worksheet