Trans-Atlantic Women Suffrage Movement

Module 7: Resources, Opportunity, and Enterprise - Industrialization and Urbanization

  • High School
  • World History and Geography: 1500 A.D. to the Present
  • Virginia and United States History
  • Standard 1: Chronological Thinking
  • Standard 2: Historical Comprehension
  • Standard 3: Historical Analysis and Interpretation
  • Mulcahy, Elizabeth
  • Albemarle County Schools


COMPLETE KIT - Trans-atlantic Women Suffrage Movement Kit
Abigail Adams Letter Document
Anti Suffrage Argument Cartoon Document
British Anti Suffrage League 1 Document
Cinquain Graphic Organizer Graphic Organizer
Davison Police Report Document
Emmeline Pankhurst Plans Hunger Strike Document
Franchise Act of 1928 Document
Lady Astor Maiden Speech Document
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan
Proclamation of Suffragists Document
Raft Student Activity
Rankin for Congress Document
Somebody Wanted But So Then Answer Key
Somebody Wanted But So Then Blank Worksheet
Suffrage Documents - Timeline Descriptions Teacher Guide
Suffrage RAFT Directions Rubric Rubric
Suffrage Timeline Summary Handout 1 Worksheet
Tennessee Ratifies 19th Amendment Document
Texas Suffrage Association Document
Transatlantic Suffrage Matrix Teacher Guide
US vs. Susan B. Anthony Document
Votes for Women Document
Wollstonecraft Vindication of Women Document