Resources for Researchers

School of Education

The School of Education and UNC offer many training and support opportunities for research and grant seeking. Contact Professor Jill Hamm, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, to discuss your specific research interests and to identify the resources and grant funding that can support your work. Follow these links to learn more:

Dr. Hamm serves as the School's Research Coordinator. She is available to assist faculty in development research plans, identify grant and funding opportunities, facilitate interdisciplinary research with other campus units and within the School, assist in the development and submission of grants or contracts, serves as the liaison to the research office of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, and serves as the Principal Project Officer for secure data obtained by student or faculty members of the School.

Grants Process

Once you decide to move forward with the grants process, please fill out the form by clicking here so that the Dean's office is aware of your plans at least 30 days before submission. The School of Education has established procedures for facilitating the approval of grant and contract applications found in the general policy manual. This includes a Notice of Intent to Submit which must be submitted to the Dean at least 30 days prior to the submission of any application to a public or private agency. This notice must include any commitment of faculty time, personnel, funds, space, or equipment. In addition, any contract or grant proposal must be approved by the Dean or the Dean's designee. The Dean requires at least five (5) days to read and approve a request.

Grant Services

Grant Services for pre-award and post-ward activities are provided to assist the School of Education faculty members in managing all of their research activities. Deneshia Anderson can assist with pre-award functions such as finding funding opportunities, RFP interpretation, creating budgets, sponsor forms, internal forms, submissions (internal and external), etc. Mark Dutton can assist with post-award grant activities such as account questions, project costing, invoices, etc.

Grant Award Administration

School of Education Grant Award Administration is housed in our business office. They can assist you with:

  • Requesting Office Space
  • Requesting a Financial Guarantee
  • Spending Project Funds
  • Hiring a Research Assistant
  • Paying Project Personnel
  • Submitting Reports

University Office of Research

The University's Office of Research provides support for researchers as well. For more information go to:, or click on links below: