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A conceptual tool for studying and teaching about race, culture, and context

Parsons, E. C.
Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Education Research Association, Denver, CO. (2010, April-May).

Full Version Available (PDF)

“Some scholars question the criticality in which sociocultural perspectives have been employed in education research.  Interactions of processes unique to local contexts, structures of the larger and encompassing society, and individual and group realities are not aptly accommodated when marginalized U.S. racial groups are of interest.  The author posits a conceptual heuristic that appropriates aspects of cultural-historical activity and ecological systems theories.  The model facilitates the considerations of the local and macro, individual and group dynamics in the investigation of phenomena from a sociocultural perspective.  An examination of an African American middle school science teachers’ life history in relation to her communal instructional practices demonstrate the model’s analytic utility in understanding racial and culture influences enacted through context.”