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The enactment of race and culture through context: How are they different and why does the difference matter for science education research involving Blacks?

Parsons, E. C.
Paper presented at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual International Conference, Philadelphia, PA. (2010, March).

Full Version Available (PDF)

“Race and culture are often used interchangeably in conversations about race and in dialogues about culture; this is especially evident in science education research that is couched in social justice and involves Blacks. Although both are considered social constructions with sociopolitical implications, race and culture are two distinct constructs that have ramifications for science education research aimed to inform practice and policy. The under-theorizing of race, the restrictive conceptualization of culture, the devolution of the constructs’ implications as individual rather than institutional matters, and the neglect of power relations and societal macrostructures are concerns that must be considered in science education research involving Blacks. The presenter posits a model that disentangles and shows the relationship between race and culture in the U.S. as one way to facilitate a deeper understanding of the two constructs and their corresponding influences that are pertinent to research on any phenomena involving Blacks in the U.S.”