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Sociocultural and political literacies in teacher education

Piazza, S. V., & Hall, L. A.
Paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Albuquerque, NM. (2009, December).

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“This paper session shared two studies exploring how two teacher educators, a group of pre-service teachers, and one novice teacher worked to challenge inequities embedded within their literacy instruction, curricula, and teacher education courses. The researchers examined ways to transform practice and enact literacy instruction from a critical pedagogical stance. In the first setting, pre-service teachers engaged in book clubs to dialogue around diversity and equitable literacy instruction. In the second setting, a second grade teacher applied new understandings of critical literacy and diversity to her literacy instruction. NRC participants were challenged to think about how teachers and researchers work towards recognizing dominant power structures, designing equitable practices, and making issues of equity explicit in our professional roles.”