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The role of reading identities and reading abilities in students’ discussions about texts

Hall, L. A. & Nellenbach, K.
Paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Albuquerque, NM. (2009, December).

Full Version Available (PDF)

“This study provides an in-depth analysis of how identities were enacted in social settings around texts and strategies and how identities both constrained and supported students’ development as readers. The research question was: How do students’ discussions about texts and comprehension strategies look similar and/or different based on their identities as readers and their reading abilities? Discussions showed that students who saw themselves as high-performing readers (HPR), regardless of their reading abilities, had discussions that were markedly different than students who identified themselves as average (APR) or low-performing (LPR) readers. The findings suggest that students will attempt to enact the identity they connect themselves with regardless of their current grade-level reading abilities.”