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Why group work is developmentally responsive in middle school: Plans and strategies

Akos, P., & Herbert, T.
Paper presented at the North Carolina School Counselor Annual Conference, Greensboro, NC. (2009, November).

This presentation was based on the following article:
Akos, P., Hamm, J. V., Mack, S. G., & Dunaway, M. (2007). Utilizing the developmental influence of peers in middle school groups. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 32(1): 51-60, 107-9.

Group work is a developmentally responsive intervention that can help early adolescents in both proactive and responsive ways. The presentation will highlight contemporary developmental research to demonstrate the utility of group work in middle schools. Group plans and experiences will be shared (e.g., boys achievement group, Latina girls group) are discussed.