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The Family Life Project: An epidemiological and developmental study of young children living in poor rural communities: V.

Vernon-Feagans, Lynne
Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 78(5): pp.66-91 (2013)

DOI: 10.1111/mono.12051Information about DOI

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In this chapter, we test the model presented in Chapter 1 (see Figure 1). In this model, we will examine the association between cumulative social risk, as described in Chapter 4, and three broad domains of child functioning at 36 months of age: behavior (both competence and problem behaviors), executive functions (EFs), and language ability. We also will test whether the associations between cumulative social risk and the three child competences were mediated by the quality of interactions between mothers and their children, using the Family Process Model in the home over the first 3 years. From the literature reviewed in Chapter 1, we expect that sensitive parenting will at least partially mediate the relation between cumulative social risk and EFs and behavioral competence. We expect that maternal language input will mediate the relation between cumulative social risk and toddler language development. Furthermore, we also will explore whether observed parenting moderated the association between cumulative risk and child competence. In addition we will examine whether state, race, gender, or geographic isolation moderated the anticipated negative association of cumulative risk and child competence. Finally, we will examine the Family Process Model and Family Investment Model together in culminating analyses to evaluate the possible differential parenting processes in relation to different child competencies. The rest of this chapter presents the methods that we used to extract our constructs and the results of our analyses to test our models.

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