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Moving Out of Silence: Helping Struggling Readers Find Their Voices in Text-Based Discussions

Hall, L.A.
Reading & Writing Quarterly, 28 (4): 307-332 (2012)

DOI: 10.1080/10573569.2012.702037 Information about DOI

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This article examines how 3 sixth-grade social studies teachers increased struggling readers’ participation in text-based discussions and changed how they applied reading comprehension strategies. Students worked in small groups with peers who read above, on, or below grade level but shared similar beliefs about themselves as readers. Discussion transcripts showed that students who read below grade level began the study in relative silence compared to their peers who were reading on or above grade level. However, over time, struggling readers increased their verbal participation in small-group discussions and took on leadership roles. Interviews and discussions suggested that struggling readers changed their interactions after witnessing their peers struggling with texts and using comprehension strategies.

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