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Practical-Moral Knowledge: The Social Organization of Regulatory Processes in Academic Contexts.

Stone, Lynda D.; Kerrick, Madeleine R.; Stoeckl, Rita F.
Mind, Culture & Activity, 20 (4): 372-392 (2013)

DOI: 10.1080/10749039.2012.750366. Information about DOI

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In this article, we developed a theoretical frame to analyze how practical-moral knowledge structures the regulatory processes of learning to control and direct behavior during literacy lessons in two elementary classrooms. We describe how regulatory behaviors were congruent with the local social and moral order, constituents of practical-moral knowledge. Variance in the practical-moral knowledge of each classroom revealed two different patterns of regulation: (a) a toggle or shift from other-regulation to self-regulation, with an emphasis on other-regulation and (b) a dynamic pattern of fluid shifts between other-regulation, coregulation, and self-regulation, with an emphasis on coregulation. We argue that regulatory processes do not originate within the individual but rather in and through learning practices.

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