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Learning trajectories in teacher education: Supporting teachers’ understandings of students’ mathematical thinking.

Wilson, P. Holt; Mojica, Gemma F.; Confrey, Jere.
Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 32 (2): 103-121 (2013)

DOI: 10.1016/j.jmathb.2012.12.003. Information about DOI

Full Text Available Here

Recent work by researchers has focused on synthesizing and elaborating knowledge of students’ thinking on particular concepts as core progressions called learning trajectories. Although useful at the level of curriculum development, assessment design, and the articulation of standards, evidence is only beginning to emerge to suggest how learning trajectories can be utilized in teacher education. Our paper reports on two studies investigating practicing and prospective elementary teachers’ uses of a learning trajectory to make sense of students’ thinking about a foundational idea of rational number reasoning. Findings suggest that a mathematics learning trajectory supports teachers in creating models of students’ thinking and in restructuring teachers’ own understandings of mathematics and students’ reasoning.

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