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A necessary part of good teaching: Using book clubs to develop pre-service teachers’ visions of self

Hall, L. A.
Literacy Research and Instruction, 48, 298-317 (2009)

DOI: 10.1080/19388070802433206 Information about DOI

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“This study examines how the use of book clubs in a literacy methods class informed pre-service, elementary teachers’ visions of self as literacy teachers. Teachers began the study with the vision of teaching students the reading and writing skills they were weakest in. Teachers though transformed their visions to include culturally responsive teaching, becoming an activist, and creating spaces for struggling readers and writers to grow. However, the majority believed that it was important to utilize the pedagogical practices that were demanded by the schools they would work in so they could fit in and be identified as a good teacher. Teachers indicated that they would forgo their visions, engage in sub-standard literacy practices, and knowingly marginalize students, to obtain a positive professional identity.”

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