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The role of epistemic beliefs in students’ self-regulated learning with computer-based learning environments: Conceptual and methodological issues

Greene, J. A., Muis, K. R., & Pieschl, S.
Educational Psychologist, 45(4), 245-257 (2010)

DOI: 10.1080/00461520.2010.515932 Information about DOI

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“Users benefit most from computer-based learning environments (CBLEs) when they are adept at self-regulated learning (SRL). Learner characteristics, such as epistemic beliefs, influence SRL processing. Therefore, research into learning with CBLEs must account for interactions between epistemic beliefs and SRL. In this article we integrate epistemic belief frameworks and models of SRL, and we argue that both phenomena should be modeled as a dynamic series of events. Such modeling allows for an examination of how various epistemic beliefs may be activated and deactivated through the process of self-regulation. We also show how CBLEs can be used to measure epistemic beliefs in novel ways and study how epistemic beliefs and SRL interact. Finally, we identify areas for future research and educational implications.”

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