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Increasing teacher’s use of career relevant instruction: A randomized control trial of CareerStart

Rose, R.A., Woodley, M.E., Orthner, D.K., Akos, P.T., & Jones-Sanpei, H.A.
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 34 (3): 295-312 (2012)

DOI: 10.3102/0162373711431733 Information about DOI

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Student engagement is a critical aspect of the learning process and a known predictor of school success. We report on an evaluation of a classroom intervention, CareerStart, designed to promote engagement through the use of career-relevant instruction whereby teachers use examples to tie the lesson material to knowledge and skills students can see as relevant to potential future careers. Evidence from a randomized control trial indicates that among math teachers, CareerStart increases the use of career-relevant instruction. We discuss research and policy implications of these findings. We argue that CareerStart should be investigated further, and that policymakers and educators should consider this program or similar relevance-based efforts when looking to reform teaching practice.

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