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Staffing to the test:” Are Today’s School Personnel Practices Evidence Based

Cohen- Vogel, L.
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 33 (4): 483-505 (2011)

DOI: 10.3102/0162373711419845Information about DOI

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Faced with mounting policy pressures from federal and state accountability programs, school leaders are reallocating curricula, time, even diet in an attempt to boost student achievement. To explore whether they are using test score data to reallocate their teacher resources as well, I designed a cross-case, cross-sectional study and explored principals’ reported staffing practices in one higher performing and one lower performing elementary school in each of five Florida school districts. Findings show that school leaders are “staffing to the test” by hiring, moving, and developing teachers in an effort to increase their schools’ overall performance. The paper discusses the implications of evidence-based staffing for policy, practice and future research.

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