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The New Generation of School Segregation in the 21st Century

Thompson-Dorsey, D. N.
Education and Urban Society, 45 (5): 571-547 (2013)

DOI: 10.1177/0013124513486287 Information about DOI

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Students are more racially segregated in schools today than they were in the late 1960s and prior to the enforcement of court-ordered desegregation in school districts across the country. This special issue addresses the overarching theme of policies, practices, or roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders that may directly or indirectly contribute to this new generation of school segregation commonly known as resegregation. I begin this special issue with a brief discussion of the legal milieu that helped set the stage for resegregation and explain why collecting social science evidence may be useful in addressing the resegregation problem in schools.

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