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School Counseling in India

Akos, Patrick; Jain, Sachin; Gurjar, Sonali.
Journal of Asia Pacific Counseling, 4 (2): pp.169-180 (2014)

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School counseling as a profession is in its infancy in India. Historical trends in education and counseling in India are highlighted and set the context for contemporary, culturally relevant practice in school counseling. Challenges for school counseling include poverty, inequality, limited national and state oversight, stigma on mental health services, and overwhelming student to counselor ratios. While Western and other models may be informative, it is essential that the school counseling profession grows within and in concert with the cultural nuances native to India. Continued development of school counseling in India will depend on burgeoning preparation programs, collaborative practice with family and spiritual leaders, and advocacy for the profession in schools and nationally.

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