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More than skills: Helping pre-service teachers deepen their knowledge of literacy development and instruction

Hall, L. A.
In National Reading Conference. (2009). 58th yearbook of the National Reading Conference. Oak Creek, WI: National Reading Conference.

ISBN-10: 1893591115
ISBN-13: 978-1893591110

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“This study used book clubs as a way to improve pre-service, elementary teachers’ understandings of how to provide literacy instruction to diverse students. The investigator examined: (a) what teachers learned about providing literacy instruction to diverse students and (b) how they used their new understandings to inform their vision of what literacy instruction might look like in their future classrooms. Teachers expanded their understandings of what it meant to provide literacy instruction to diverse students and incorporated socio-cultural theories into their view of instruction. However, teachers indicated that they did not expect to apply what they learned to their future instruction. Teachers believed that it was important to utilize the pedagogical practices that were demanded by the schools they would work in so they could fit in and be identified as a good teacher. They would engage in sub-standard literacy practices, and knowingly marginalize students, to obtain a positive professional identity.”