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Black feminist thought: The lived experiences of two Black female science educators

Parsons, E. C., & Moore, F.
In K. Scantlebury (Ed.). (2010). Re-visioning science education from feminist perspectives: Challenges, choices, and career (pp. 13-24). The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

ISBN-10: 946091084X
ISBN-13: 978-9460910845

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“In this chapter, Black feminist thought, the focus of the chapter, is embodied in the convergent and divergent experiences of the two authors – Black females from working class origins in North Carolina who attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as undergraduates in the sciences and who pursued career paths in science education at predominantly White institutions with very high research activity.  They deconstruct in relation to Black feminist thought the myriad of challenges and tensions they encounter in science education, a field that is predominately White, male, and middle class.”