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Gender, motivation, and educational attainment

Meece, J.L., & Askew, Karyl, J. S.
In K. Harris, S. Graham, & T. Urdan (Eds.), American Psychological Association educational psychology handbook (pp.139-162). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

ISBN: 978-1-4338-0996-5

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In this chapter we examine the role that elementary and secondary educational experiences may play in gender-differentiated patterns of school achievement and educational attainment. The research review is limited to schooling experiences in the United States, and the focus of this chapter is the elementary and secondary school years, when school attendance is compulsory. We begin with an overview of the achievement status of boys and girls in U.S. schools. Because achievement motivation is an important predictor of academic achievement, we also discuss gender differences in achievement motivation. Next, we discuss several possible influences on academic and vocational development within schools, including access to technology, school-sponsored sports and extracurricular activities, vocational and career preparation, and pathways to school dropout. The final section outlines educational and research implications of this research.