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African American perspectives on leadership in schools: Building a culture of empowerment

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Foster, L., & Tillman, L. C. (Eds.)
Landham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education (2009)
ISBN: 1607094886, 9781607094883

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Linda Tillman, professor of educational leadership, recently co-edited the book, African American perspectives on leadership in schools: Building a culture of empowerment. The book fills a void in the literature related to “historical, theoretical, intellectual and cultural understandings among those who prepare individuals for leadership in schools and for those who practice leadership in schools attended by significant numbers of African American students,” according to the publisher, Rowman & Littlefield Education.

The volume covers a range of topics including the history of African American school leadership, African-centered pedagogy, womanist caring, urban school leadership, critical factors for the underachievement of African American students, cultures of excellence, a critique of whole school reform and antiracist school leadership preparation.

One chapter describes the critical, purposive and spiritual nature of African American educational leadership.

Another explores how African American superintendents work toward narrowing the achievement gap through organization restructuring.

In another chapter, a case study is presented on “Caring leadership for troubled African American adolescents.”

A model for school achievement is also presented, demonstrating how leaders in K-12 schools can promote students’ educational aspirations.

The volume focuses on building a culture of empowerment for African American children, their families and their communities.

Tillman co-edited the book with Lenoar Foster, who was professor and associate dean for administration, research and graduate studies in the College of Education at Washington State University, Pullman. Foster passed away just prior to the book’s publication. 

“This is now the seminal book on African American perspectives on leadership in schools,” wrote Jim Scheurich of Texas A&M University.

According to the publisher, “If you care about the education of African American children, read this book!”