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Targeted Reading Intervention


The Targeted Reading Intervention has delivered professional development in reading to classroom teachers in several Title I rural schools. Using an innovative webcam technology in a series of randomized clinical trials, this project is jump-starting the reading skills of struggling readers in early elementary school to prevent reading failure. 

Targeted Reading Intervention is part of the School of Education’s National Research Center on Rural Education Support.

Key findings to date include:

  • Struggling readers in this program have made remarkable progress in reading, with large effect sizes over one year.
  • The classroom teacher can be effective in preventing reading failure for struggling readers.
  • Webcam technology can be effective and affordable for school systems.
  • This intervention was more effective than interventions used in Reading First for struggling readers.
  • This intervention benefited the lowest skilled children the most, unlike most other early reading interventions.
Principal Investigator:

Lynne Vernon-Feagans

Funding Dates:

2004 - 2009

Funding Source(s):

Institute of Education Sciences