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Rural Early Adolescent Learning Program


The Rural Early Adolescent Learning Program (Project REAL) has delivered professional development to teachers in several rural schools. Through a series of randomized clinical trials, teachers have learned effective instructional and organizational strategies to promote students’ interest in school, especially students who are having school adjustment difficulties in early adolescence.

Project REAL is part of the School of Education’s National Research Center on Rural Education Support.

Key findings to date include:

  • Students in this program demonstrated increased academic achievement. Minority students in participating schools and classrooms showed particularly strong improvements when compared to control students. 
  • Students perceived school as more important in their lives and future success.
  • The social and behavioral context for young adolescents’ learning was improved.
  • Teachers in this program reported increased effectiveness in influencing young adolescents’ academic outcomes and school engagement.
Principal Investigator:

Jill Hamm

Funding Dates:

2004 - 2009

Funding Source(s):

Institute of Education Sciences