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Mandarin Chinese


In collaboration with NC DPI and NCVPS, LEARN NC will complete development of Mandarin Chinese program materials for delivery to K-12 students online.  Grant monies were received from both the Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) and Advanced Placement (AP).  The materials developed may include (but are not limited to) complete courses, learning modules, and learning objects for all 4 levels of Mandarin Chinese and AP. In addition, LEARN NC will provide instructional design support, review of materials, assistance with piloting and revision of the materials, all of which will be made available upon completion under a Creative Commons license and may be shared nation-wide.

For 2008-2009, Mandarin Chinese Levels 1-3 were offered through the North Carolina Virtual Public School, and Mandarin Chinese Level 1 materials have been online at since January 2009 (see link below). These courses focus on the spoken language. Each lesson contains listening exercises and weekly practice with conversation coaches and the instructor – all online.

Principal Investigator:

Melissa Thibault

Funding Dates:

6/15/08 - 5/15/2010

Funding Source(s):

N.C. Department of Public Instruction