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Instructional Consultation Teams


Since 2007, the School of Education has been partnering with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the University of Maryland Instructional Consultation Team Lab to use Instructional Consultation Teams (ICTs) as an approved Response to Intervention (RTI) program in North Carolina. ICTs are a viable alternative to traditional approaches of assisting N.C. teachers who experience classroom concerns. The primary goal is to create and maintain student success within the general education classroom, by enhancing student and staff performance.

An ICT consists of teachers and other school personnel who become proficient in communication skills, collaborative problem solving, behavioral assessment and curriculum assessment. Teachers learn to use a rigorous process to collect data and implement interventions in their general education classrooms, with the goal of improving academic achievement and behavior among all students, particularly those at risk. By developing expertise among the educational staff, the ICT model results in a self-sustaining “culture of competence” at a school site.

After the model is implemented in a school, it is expected that students’ academic achievement and behavior will improve, fewer minority students will be referred to special education and the needs of underserved rural students will be better addressed. In addition, the participating teachers’ assessment and instructional skills will be enhanced.

During the first year, the ICT model was implemented in 10 public elementary schools in six regions of North Carolina. Training was provided to teachers and administrators in schools that are located in rural areas and/or have large populations of low-achieving minority students. In subsequent years, the ICT training has been expanded to additional schools and districts. The effectiveness of the model is being evaluated.

Principal Investigator:

Steve Knotek

Funding Dates:

1/12/2007 - 8/14/2010

Funding Source(s):

N.C. Department of Public Instruction

State(s) Served:

North Carolina

N.C. Counties/Schools Served:

Craven/J.T. Barber, Vanceboro Farm-Life
Dare: First Flight, Manteo