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Project for Historical Education

Project has been completed.


Our overall goals are to provide intellectual and pedagogical support for teachers in the public schools, expand our relations with teachers, stimulate student interest in history and public issues, and expand the relationship between UNC-Chapel Hill and other institutions in North Carolina. Specifically, our goals are

(a) to promote student engagement with historical issues by helping teachers and prospective teachers remain intellectually vital and well-informed about “cutting-edge” historical research;

(b) to provide teachers with stimulating, multi-media materials for classroom use;

(c) to promote a more inclusive view of history through the introduction of new scholarship on the experience of previously marginalized groups and to help teachers link multicultural perspectives to the Standard Course of Study;

(d) to contribute to the strength of civic culture in North Carolina by encouraging teacher and student engagement with crucial issues and to help prepare students for the world of the 21st century by increasing global awareness and civic literacy;

(e) to help teachers provide students with authentic intellectual work while still preparing them for standardized tests;

(f) to help develop a constituency to advocate and lobby for the importance of historical and civic education in North Carolina; and

(g) to bridge the professional and personal gap that too often separates public school teachers from the academic life of the university (and vice versa) and to overcome isolation on both sides through an on-going dialogue on historical and civic education.

Principal Investigator:

Suzanne Gulledge

Funding Dates:

7/1/2007 - 6/30/2009

Funding Source(s):

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation