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Distance Education: Enhanced Rural Online Learning


The Enhanced Rural Online Learning project is providing training for school-based para-professionals to support high school students’ learning and engagement in online Advanced Placement (AP) courses. This randomized control trial intervention focuses on rural high school students who are preparing for college.  

This project is part of the Distance Education program within the School of Education’s National Research Center on Rural Education Support.

Key findings to date include:

  • The course completion rates in AP English and Literature by students in this program were significantly higher than completion rates of other rural students taking AP courses.
  • Online course instructors reported that students enrolled in AP English demonstrated significant academic growth.
  • Students and instructors reported that the intervention was effective in providing the support rural high school students need to successfully complete AP courses through distance education.
Principal Investigator:

Matthew Irvin
Center for Developmental Science, Research Scientist
School of Education, Clinical Assistant Professor

Funding Dates:

2004 - 2009

Funding Source(s):

Institute of Education Sciences