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Supporting Rural At-Risk Youth in High School Mathematics


The goal of this project is to adapt the existing Facilitator Preparation Program (FPP) to support rural youth taking Algebra via online credit recovery programs.  In particular, the research team intends to adapt FPP intervention in order to improve the support students receive from school contacts and thereby increase successful completion of Algebra I. The revised program, Enhanced Online Rural Learning-Mathematics (EROL-M), will be piloted in 10 rural NC counties serving a high number of low income students. Research and evaluation plans will examine the EROL-M intervention on (a) increasing student engagement in online learning; (b) increasing completion rates of online Algebra I courses; and (c) increasing Algebra end-of-test scores.

Lead Principal Investigator:

Judith Meece, School of Education

Co-Principal Investigator:

Jeff Greene, School of Education

Co-Principal Investigator:

Matthew Irvin
Center for Developmental Science, Research Scientist
School of Education, Clinical Assistant Professor

Funding Dates:

12/01/2009 - 5/31/2010

Funding Source(s):

NEA Foundation