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Fostering Conceptual Understanding in Science Using Computer-Based Learning Environments: A Self-Regulated Learning Intervention


Building upon research showing the positive effects of self-regulated learning (SRL) training on learning with computer based learning environments (CBLEs), this research will test an intervention designed to foster student regulation and performance. The project asks college students to learn about a complex science topic, the circulatory system, using a CBLE. By prompting students in the experimental condition to create their own definition of the task and outline a plan, it is theorized these participants will engage in greater SRL processing throughout learning, with subsequent learning gains at posttest that outperform students in a control condition. The research will assess these learning gains using previously validating measures of conceptual understanding, and characterize their SRL by asking students to think-aloud while learning. The anticipated results of this study, that compared to control students, experimental condition students who are prompted to define the task and make plan will engage in more SRL and achieve more at posttest, will then be used to inform the design of CBLEs, and the pedagogy teachers use to support student learning with computers.

Principal Investigator:

Jeffrey Greene

Funding Dates:

8/01/2009 - 8/31/2010

Funding Source(s):

Spencer Foundation